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Our Story

Behind the Brand

Established in 2016 LN Watches is a product that flows from the fervent heart of  Lunga Ntuli. A midst his dedication to the job, which is often perceived as peasantry and undignified, Lunga took to the dusty roads of the Groutville ghettos to establish and coach a ladies cricket team for to the car guard, youth of his community; a role of little to no monetary return, but a shot at impact and changing lives. Since he believed in that destiny is a matter of time and dedication he went on to become a journalist, and today he is the author and publisher of a series of relationship books. This is an indication of Lunga’s devotion to matters of the heart. The very same devotion from which flows the exquisite line of LN Watches.

Presented to Archbishop Desmond and Mrs Leah Tutu as gifts on their birthdays, LN Watches has gone through great refines to become the brand of the distinguished, the celebrated and the loved that it is today. This is a brand that sees gratitude as one of the world’s greatest attitudes. The watches are crafted by the skillful hands of the members of the community that the brains behind the brand comes from; members who are vastly knowledgeable about the culture from which beadwork, its intention and meaning are born. Not only have the LN Watches reached star international rugby player, Beast Mtawarira, who is today a proud owner of one, but the reach goes as far as the UK, Portugal, Italy and beyond.  LN Watches are designed in Kwazulu-Natal for the entire world to wear.

The Nguni tribes most commonly found in South Africa use bead work to communicate their cultural values, societal status, and to convey a message of affection from one to another. The most common use of beads among these groups is that of a young woman professing her love to a young man, a common and intense matter of the heart. In the Zulu tribe a young woman would give a string of beads called ucu to the young man who has been courting her as a sign of surrender to his love. However love isn’t always about a romantic affair, but a feeling of connection that may extend gratitude, affection, regard, and appreciation towards another. This is why, in a similar way to the Zulu maiden, our designs are meant to transfer a message from one heart to another. 

 We strive to be the mark that you make on the wrists of those who have and continue to imprint on your life. In so doing just as the colours in the ancient Nguni bead work has a significant meaning, so do the colours in our watches as derived from the original Nguni meanings. Red symbolizes intense love, Blue stands for fidelity. White shows virginity, faithfulness, true love, and as universally recognized

it also stands for purity. The density of the colour black stands to represent marriage and regeneration, and green is for contentment. Finally yellow, in all of its brightness and joy represents wealth and fertility, while pink stands as an emphasis to a promise. Each one of our watches sends a different message in accordance to these representations. Since love cannot be seen or touched our watches are masterpieces that one can make reference to so as to feel the tight bond of brotherhood/sisterhood, the string of loyalty amongt fellow colleagues, and see the patterns that have shaped your journey as a family. In other times we have given so much love to the world and have forgotten to pour into the cup where it all comes from. So why not show ourselves some affection too? The magic lies in that our pieces are a tangible symbol of love that you can take with you wherever you go, and because we deal in time the longer the days the stronger the bonds.